How to Migrate Email From Office 365 to Gmail in Bulk

How to Migrate Email From Office 365 to Gmail in Bulk

Summary: If you are having trouble searching for the best solution to migrate email from Office 365 to Gmail, then you have landed in the right place where we are going to discuss the most suitable and easiest solutions, which are a manual method and an automated method to migrate emails from Office 365 to Gmail account. Along with this, at the end of this write up we will give you the most trustworthy and finest professional Office 365 Converter. Before discussing the solution, let us know some causes to migrate Office 365 to Gmail.

Reasons For Office 365 to Gmail Migration

  1. The Office 365 inbox is designed specifically for business users. Gmail, meanwhile, is appropriate for residential users. For external use of corporate emails, some business users choose to duplicate their Microsoft 365 emails to Gmail accounts.

  2. Microsoft 365 is an email service that requires payment and a subscription. In contrast, Gmail comes with 15 GB of cloud storage and is completely free of charge. This is another reason why consumers desire to switch from Office 365 to Gmail for their email.

  3. Gmail boasts an easy-to-use interface, whereas Outlook 365 offers some sophisticated capabilities. It implies that in order to use it, consumers must possess technical skills. Therefore, individuals occasionally choose to use their Gmail accounts to view Microsoft 365 emails.

Method 1: How to Migrate Email From Office 365 to Gmail Manually

  1. In the first step, turn on Gmail on your device.

  2. Then, tap on the Gear icon present on the top-right of your PC screen.

  3. Now, in the dropdown menu, press Settings.

  4. After that, tap on the Accounts and Import tab.

  5. Next, hit on the Import Mail and Contacts link.

  6. Then, type the email address of your Office 365 account.

  7. Type the POP information for Office 365, and then press continue.

  8. Make sure that the Port is set correctly and the Use SSL option is ticked.

  9. Afterward, choose the Import Mail option, and then click on the Start Import button.

  10. In the last, hit on the Proceed button, and your Office 365 emails will start importing technical

The above manual process is effective but many users do not use this method because it needs technical knowledge. As well, it has some major drawbacks that we explain in the below steps.

Limitations of the Manual Process to Move Office 365 to Gmail

  1. The process of transferring Office 365 email to Gmail may take up to two or three days. The size of your data will determine when to take the backup.

  2. This is a protracted and time-consuming procedure. Users even need to be familiar with POP settings and technology.

  3. When employing this manual method, data consistency and actual folder structure may be compromised.

  4. Only the Inbox folder can be moved from Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox to Gmail using the manual method. It is not possible to move other directories.

  5. A small error could cause you to lose important information while finishing the assignment.

Method 2: Migrate Email From Office 365 to Gmail by Professional Method

The professional Office 365 Converter is the most reliable and perfect solution to migrate Office 365 emails to Gmail as well as multiple email clients such as Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird, Hotmail, Zoho Mail, IMAP, and many more with all email attachments. It has the feature to backup Office 365 emails to a number of file formats, for example, PDF, PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, and many more, in single or multiple modes. Moreover, the users can easily skip their all same Office 365 emails throughout the conversion or importing process. Along with this, the users can easily download, install, and run this advanced utility with all Windows OS versions.

Stepwise Guide to Migrate Email From Office 365 to Gmail

  1. In the primary step, download, install, and establish the Office 365 Converter tool on your device.

  2. Then, pick the option either Backup or Restore.

  3. After that, type your sign-in credentials for Office 365 and click the Sign In button. (As well as check Impersonation Rights.)

  4. Pick the account from which you wish to migrate.

  5. Now, pick the folders from the shown tree structure and press Next.

  6. Then, select the saving option and other in-built functions.

  7. In the end, hit the Convert button to migrate Office 365 emails to Gmail.


This technical article offers you practical, do-it-yourself methods. While certain procedures may need persistence and technical expertise, they do not guarantee a successful migration email from Office 365 to Gmail. On the other hand, a professional tool is made in a method that means you won't need technical knowledge to move M365 emails. This migration can be completed quickly and easily.