2 Superlative Methods to Backup AOL to CSV Format

2 Superlative Methods to Backup AOL to CSV Format

Summary: If you are a user and want to backup AOL to CSV format then you reached on right place. In this blog, we will explain the two superlative solutions, which are the manual method and the professional method, to save AOL to CSV format in an effective manner. Along with this, we will get you the most reliable and latest Email Backup Software that assists in making your backup aim easy. Primarily, discuss the reasons to export AOL to CSV format then move to the solution.

Key Reasons to Export AOL Emails to CSV Format

  • CSV files can be accessed from anywhere by users. Various spreadsheet applications can be used to view them, making them cross-platform compatible.

  • It is not possible to change the original content of the data when exporting it in CSV format. In addition to preserving the structure, it will also preserve the content, including attachments and formatting.

  • CSV allows users to organize and categorize their emails efficiently, making data management & retrieval easier.

Solution 1: Manual Way to Backup AOL to CSV Format

  1. In the first step, navigate to the web browser, turn on the AOL website, and sign in to the AOL account by using the needed credentials.

  2. Now, after successfully signing in tap the Gear icon located in Settings.

  3. After appear the settings menu move to the Mail Settings option and go toward the email settings page.

  4. Next, in the Email Settings window, find the section relating to exporting or managing emails. AOL has distinct export options, select the option specifying exporting emails as CSV.

  5. Choose the required emails to export by selecting them separately or exporting the entire folder.

  6. After choosing the needed required emails, choose CSV as the export file type from the options available.

  7. After finalizing the export settings, the export procedure will begin. moreover, the time duration of the procedure depends on the size of AOL emails and the AOL server’s capability.

  8. Now, completing the export process, CSV files will be created holding AOL email messages. Now search for the link given by AOL to download the CSV file to the system.

The manual process is a workable solution, but it has some demerits that we explain in the below section.

Demerits of the Manual Method to Backup AOL to CSV Format

  • It takes a pity of time to finish the all process for backup.

  • It would be good if technical users could use this method because there are so many chances of losing your data if you are non-tech users.

  • There are lack of security problems and human errors.

  • If one step is missing, then you have to start the entire backup process again from the beginning.

To get the free of these above loopholes you can move through the professional solution.

Solution 2: How to Backup AOL to CSV By Using a Professional Way

With the use of professional Email Backup Wizard, you can easily backup AOL emails to CSV as well as multiple file formats for example PDF, EML, PST, MSG, MBOX, etc without changing the content. It has the ability to migrate AOL and various email clients to many distinct email clients such as Gmail, Yandex Mail, Godaddy, HostGator, IMAP, and many more with attachment items. Moreover, this utility has the power to backup or migrate AOL emails to other file formats and email clients in batches at once. Also, it has the ability to exclude all similar AOL emails based on the To, From, Subject, and Body criteria. Along with this, it is workable with all Windows OS versions for instance Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc.

Working Procedure of This Utility to Backup AOL to CSV Format

  1. To begin, download, install, and run Email Backup Software on your device.

  2. Now, go to the opening wizard, you have to pick an AOL email client to take backup.

  3. After that, navigate to AOL and type your credentials, like email address and third-party app password, to Log In.

  4. Create a selection of the folders you wish to backup and hit Next.

  5. Afterward, select the CSV saving file format.

  6. Choose an option as per your requirements and press Next.

  7. Tap Save Path>>Download to pick the saving path and begin the backup procedure.

  8. In the last, you can download the process report if you want.


In this blog, we understood the two solutions which are the manual method and the professional method to backup AOL to CSV format. To use the manual method you must have the technical knowledge otherwise you lose your data. The question is if when you are not a technical user then you must go through the professional method. There is no need to have technical users. Along with this, it saves you time.