2 Simplest Solutions to Import OST File to Office 365

2 Simplest Solutions to Import OST File to Office 365

Summary: If you are a user and looking for the best methods to import OST files to Office 365, read this article till the end to get an effective solution. In this essay, we will understand the two simplest and most suitable methods, which are the manual method and the professional method. Additionally, at the end of this article, we will suggest the safest and most reliable OST to PST Converter tool that will help you make your importing goal easy. So let's begin with the reasons to import OST to Office 365 and then go through the solution.

Why There is a Need to Import OST Files into Outlook 365

  • It eliminates the need for physical hardware setup for Exchange Online.

  • With Office 365, every user can find the right program for their needs, whether they are home users or business owners.

  • Using Office 365, you have access to all your documents at any time, on any device, from anywhere.

  • A single subscription plan provides access to multiple services.

2 Impressive Solutions to Import OST Files to Office 365

Two methods assist you in migrating OST files to Office 365 accounts. In the first section, we will explore the manual method and then move to the professional method.

Solution 1: How to Import OST to Office 365 By Using the Manual Method

There are two stages to adding an OST file to Outlook 365 that we described in the below steps.

Stage 1: Transfer OST Emails to PST Format

  1. In the first step, you have to open the MS Outlook on your device.

  2. Then, from the File Menu tap on Import & Export>> Import/Export.

  3. After that navigate to a File option and choose PST file as saving type.

  4. Now, choose the OST file and decide to add subfolders.

  5. Next, look over the location to store the OST file.

  6. Lastly, tap on the OK button to save.

Stage 2: Upload File into Office 365

  1. First, establish the Office 365 app on your system.

  2. Then go to the Admin Centre>>Exchange Admin Centre>>Permission.

  3. Organization management>> (+)>>mailbox import export>>ADD.

  4. Create a selection for the mailbox and hit Save.

  5. Visit the Admin Centre gain and then go to Setup>>Data Migration.

  6. Click the upload.

  7. Afterward, new import job>>job name>> pick Upload SAS URL.

  8. Save the URL.

  9. Now, you have to download, install, and run Azure AzCopy and write:

AzCopy.exe. /Source:\Network Path or File Location /Dest: “SAS URL”/V.

  1. Make a CSV file to map the uploaded PST file to a specific mailbox.

  2. On the Import Data Windows

  3. Mapping File>>Upload CSV File>>Validate>>Save.

This manual process is effective and free, but many users do not prefer this method because of its limitations.

Disadvantages of the Manual Method

  • There are always human error chances.

  • It does not import multiple OST emails to Office 365 in a single attempt.

  • This manual process has so many security issues and the possibility of losing the data during migration.

  • There is a requirement for technical users to import OST emails to Office 365 accounts.

  • It does not offer advanced functionality as a professional method.

Solution 2: How to Import OST File to Office 365 By Using the Professional Method

The professional OST to PST Converter tool is the most finest and accurate solution to import OST emails to Office 365 along with many different email clients like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird, Hotmail, etc without affecting the data. It also assists in converting OST data to numerous file formats, for example, PST, PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, CSV, and many more with having all email attachment items like email notes, tasks, calendars, contacts, notes, tasks, and many more without losing integrity. Similarly, it includes an amazing feature to show all OST mailboxes again before beginning the conversion or importing procedure. Additionally, the users can ignore all OST file copies throughout the OST conversion process.

Procedure to Import OST File to Office 365 Professionally

  1. To begin, download, install, and run the OST to PST Converter on your device.

  2. Then hit on the "Add File" button to pick an OST file.

  3. Next, press on the "OK" button until the scanning process is finished.

  4. Now, you can view your OST mailboxes again before importing them into your Office 365 account.

  5. Afterward, hit the "Save" button and decide the destination folder to store the recovered OST file.

  6. Then, press the "OK" button to import the OST emails to the Office 365 account.

  7. In the end, your chosen OST file will be successfully imported into the Office 365 account.


In this blog, we had two impressive solutions, which are the manual method and a professional method to import OST files into Outlook 365 accounts. As we already explained in the above section, the manual method needs technical experts, and it does not provide the latest features in comparison to the professional method. In the other case, the professional method can easily import OST files to Office 365 when you do not have the technical knowledge, and it also helps to save time by importing multiple OST emails to your Office 365 account at once. It's all up to you to decide which method you would like to use.