Best Way to Transfer Emails From One Gmail Account to Another

Best Way to Transfer Emails From One Gmail Account to Another

Summary: Are you looking for ways to transfer Emails from One Gmail Account to Another? Then, read the whole post. It includes all the secure methods to transfer emails from one Gmail profile to another Gmail profile. To add on, we have also included an expert's recommended utility. The name of this software is Gmail Converter, a tool that can ease the process of Gmail to Gmail migration.

It may be annoying to switch between several Gmail accounts to view emails, but this issue can be fixed by simply moving all the emails from one account to another Gmail profile. It seems easy to move emails by forwarding them to another address, but it makes the handling of those forwarded emails difficult. So, let's look at how to move all the emails from one account to another Gmail account in the easiest way. You can also check ways to Free up Gmail Server Space from here. It sounds like an annoying and tiring process, but believe me, this could be done in a simple and quick way. The good news is that Gmail itself provides a means to move emails between Gmail accounts. It also allows you to receive the new emails in the other account as well.

Transfer Emails From One Gmail Account To Another

To import Gmail to Gmail, you have to go through some processes:

Step 1: Enable POP Server for Gmail Account

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account whose email you wish to transfer.

  2. Tap the settings button and then go to the settings and choose the forwarding POP/IMAP option.

  3. Pick the Enable POP for all mail then choose Mark Gmail copy as read from the drop-down menu, and then hit the save changes.

  • Sign in to your Gmail account and hit on the Settings.

  • Now, tap on the Accounts and then the Import option.

  • Afterward, hit on the Add a Mail account option.

  • Enter the email address that you would like to include.

  • By default, the import emails from my other account option are chosen, then hit on the Next.

  • Put the password, then tap on the Add account.

Note: If two-factor authentication is set, you will need to provide the App password. You would encounter the error otherwise. To generate the one-time app password, follow a few simple steps.

  • On the account icon, hit the Manage Google account in the security options.

  • In the App passwords page, choose Mail from the drop-down list.

  • Choose Yes, I want to send mail to

Step 3: Exporting Mailbox Items from Old to New Gmail Accounts

  1. To continue the process, press the Next Step button.

  2. By pressing Send Verification, you can verify your email address.

  3. A confirmation message will be received to both old and new Gmail accounts.

  4. Next, Tap on the link to move forward. It will open a new tab in your web browser.

  5. Hit on the confirm option.

These methods are technical to perform for novice users, so we are providing you with a professional tool. The Gmail Converter tool is the best tool to transfer emails from one Gmail account to another account. It includes the option to export Gmail emails to multiple file formats like PST, PDF, MBOX, EML, etc with high accuracy. Moreover, this professional tool migrates Gmail files to various types of email clients for example Hotmail, HostGator, Office 365, and many others.


Importing all the old Gmail emails to the new Gmail account is an easy process. It removes the hassle of switching between the profiles and also makes it possible to handle multiple email addresses from one place. If you’re having trouble during these steps, In that case, I recommend going for the Gmail Exporter which makes the process easy and you can easily perform Gmail-to-Gmail migration and transfer emails, from one gmail account to another in the easiest way.